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Olympus XA1

The 1982 Olympus XA1 was the second of the infamous XA rangefinder series by Olympus. The XA1 is a beautiful Rangefinder camera with a sharp f/4-22 Lens powered by a selenium cell light meter with a fixed focus making it very simple and easy to use.
It features an attachable flash that can be used when needed, so the camera can be used in both well lit and low lit settings.

  • 35mm f/4 D-Zuiko Olympus Lens
  • Manual Film Advance / Rewind
  • Attachable Manual use Flash
  • Automatic Focusing / Exposing
  • Selenium powered light meter
  • Manual ISO Control

Comes With:

A9M Flash

Cosmetic Condition:


2 x AAA Batteries for flash only
35mm Film

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