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Kodak Professional T-Max 100 - 100 - 36 exp 35mm Film

Kodak Professional Black-and-White Films deliver superior performance across the board. There simply is no better family of black-and-white films available today. From the always timeless TRI-X, to the incomparably sharp T-MAX 400, there’s a black-and-white film in our family that lets you expose the truth in stunning detail.
Kodak Professional T-Max 100 Film, the world’s finest-grained 100-speed black-and-white film, enables you to explore the extremes of image quality and enlargement with nearly invisible grain. And its high resolving power and incredible sharpness satisfy even the most detail-obsessed artist.

Brand - Kodak
Format - 35mm
ISO range - 100
Exposures - 36
Colour - Black & White
Expiry Date - 08/2023

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Sample photos by - @kevinrebholtzphotography @csillahinrichs @publica800

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