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BKIFI Pride Hearts Film (Right Casette) - 200 - 36 exp 35mm Film


Pride Hearts film will sprinkle your 35mm photographs with rainbow coloured hearts. Aim to evenly exposure each frame as hearts fade if overexposed.
A fun, experimental film made by our friends across the pond, Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative made with Light & Love. This film can be used with any 35mm camera and is developed just like any normal film. Try it with a 3D camera to make the coolest gifs around!

NOTE: Hearts develop upside down when the left film's cassette inserts on the camera's right side. Please check you have selected the correct cassette type for your camera before purchasing. If your film inserts on the left, you need a left cassette. If your film inserts on the right, opt for the right cassette.

Brand - Brooklyn Instant Film Initiative
Format - 35mm
ISO range - 200
Exposures - 36
Colour - Colour

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Sample photos by - @ctwiggyshoots @jadethesage @bkifi_films

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